Engineering is a vast field of knowledge and although most students choose to begin their career right after finishing their BE, there remains a significant number of students whose thirst for knowledge isn’t quenched.

If you are one of the students looking for some commendable educational opportunities after Bachelor in Engineering, this article will introduce you to some prominent entrance exams to appear for after graduation. Cracking the exams will throw open the doors of knowledge not only raising the bar of employability for you, but also enriching your scientific temper.

Exams like GATE, CEED, ATMA, and CET are highly reputed among engineering students aspiring an array of career opportunities from core engineering to management studies.

GATE: Sticking to the Core

Many engineering students realize it after completing their BE that they won’t be interested enough in having a career in core Engineering fields. They choose a different stream for their career. However, for those who wish to stick to their core graduation studies, GATE is the entrance test to prepare for and appear for after BE.

The exam conducted by HRD Ministry of India is administered by the seven IITs spread across the country. An Engineering student can apply for a plethora of job positions after cracking GATE. The results of the exams are not only accepted by the IITs, but also by a number of other educational and professional institutes. GATE is valid for a number of opportunities in fields like Public Sector Undertakings, Ph.D. Research, Management PG Diploma, and Fellowship Programs, MS Programs, State Electricity Boards and reputed research organizations like BARC and ISRO.

Applications for GATE Exam 2020 are open now till 24th September.

CEED: Career in Design

Hosted by the Industrial Design Centre affiliated with IIT Bombay, Common Entrance Test for Design (CEED) is an all India exam for design aspirants after post-graduation. The exam is conducted in the month of December every year and the applications are accepted online. The exam is best for students interested in the design process. It’s a powerful problem-solving approach and is flexible enough to work in almost any situation.

However, to get admission to a reputed Design School in India CEED results alone aren’t enough. Students are also required to prove the ingenuity of their design portfolio. Performance of students in the interviews and studio tests conducted by design colleges also hold a significance. Major reputed design institutes consider CEED results as major selection criteria. They offer a diversity of courses.

ATMA: Nationwide Management Institutes

Many engineering professionals tend to get weary with the monotony of their respective job profiles over the years. The lack of exposure to managerial levels is a major reason. For students who have an interest in management as their option for PG studies can choose ATMA as their gateway to reputed management institutes in India.

The AIMS Test for Management Admissions (ATMA) is a national-wide examination that makes you eligible for admission to MBA, PGDM, MCA, PGDBA courses at colleges all over India. The frequency of the exam is good as it is conducted four to five times a year. The scores of ATMA test are accepted by over 200 management institutes in India for admission to their management programs. The aptitude of candidates necessary for higher management studies is tested by ATMA.

MHT CET: Best Management Institutes in the State

Although the MHT CET test accepts candidates from all fields of knowledge, cracking the exam can land you at some reputed management institutes operating in the state of Maharashtra. It’s a computer-based online management test conducted yearly by the State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra. There are over 400 colleges in Maharashtra that accept the results of MHT CET test.

The test can be taken even by students who don’t belong to the state of Maharashtra or have completed their graduation from universities outside Maharashtra. They must fulfill the mandatory conditions and submit essential documents while applying for the exam.

No matter if you wish to continue with core engineering studies after your PG, or wish to move on to courses like design or management, there’s no shortage of opportunities. Whatever course you wish to take, decide it in advance and start preparing for it right away. The dates and application forms of most of these tests are updated frequently online.

This article about several entrance tests after BE is presented by ARMIET College of Engineering.

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