Engineering CET 2020 is finally happening after a wait of about 6 months since the lockdown. Brightest of the students must have utilized the extra time to finish their studies outstandingly. But for the ones who lost their morale to the uncertainty of the exam date, sticking to a routine of studies must have been difficult.

No matter how slow you might have got with your studies, if you had been preparing well earlier, this 4-step strategy will brush off the dust and help you start afresh and prepare confidently for the MHT-CET 2020.

Step 1

Count the number of days left until October 12th and set a strict daily schedule of studies. Remember, if you really care about your career, you can’t waste a moment doing something that doesn’t support your preparations. Not that you must burn your sleep hours and skip everything that helps you relax, but do nothing beyond a fixed number of hours daily. Dedicate most of your time in 24 hours to studies and stick to the set schedule.

Dedicating a fixed number of hours to each of the subjects in the PCM group will help you maximize your score. Paying lesser attention to any of the three subjects will adversely affect your chances of scoring well in MHT-CET 2020.

Step 2

Before hitting the road and immersing yourself into the pile of books, don’t forget to revisit the syllabus. Otherwise, you will find yourself confused half way into your studies. Mark the important topics and also the ones you personally find interesting or tiring. It will help you prioritize and improve your final score.

Don’t ignore 11th standard topics completely saying that they would form only 20% of all the questions asked in MHT-CET 2020. The smaller part will add significantly to your final score improving your chances of getting admission to a better Engineering College.

Step 3

Although you may find some of the topics in the syllabus easy and engaging, and some difficult to grasp, MHT-CET has been known to have a certain number of questions asked from each chapter in the syllabus. Noting this in the beginning will prevent you from spending an unreasonable amount of time on a topic that may not add to your score significantly. It’s wise to learn from the question paper pattern of the yesteryears.

Here’s a list of the most important topics from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, and the expected weightage of each one of them.

Physics Marks Chemistry Marks Mathematics Marks
1. KTG & Radiation

2. Oscillation

3. Atoms and Nuclei

4. Rotation

5. Electrostatic

6. Magnetic Effect of Current

7. Electro-Magnetic Induction

8. Semiconductors

9. Current

10. Magnetism














1. Thermodynamics + Thermochemistry

2. P-Block

3. Coordination

4. D-F Block

5. Alcohol & Phenols

6. Amines

7. Solid State

8. Solutions

9. Chemical Kinetics

10. Polymer & Biomolecules

11. Chemistry in Everyday Life















1. Integration

2. Trigonometry

3. 3D Vector

4. Differentiation

5. Probability

6. Matrices and Determinants

7. Differential Equations

8. AOD

9. LCD

10. Statistics















Step 4

3 hours seem to be a long time. But when you have to answer 150 questions in 180 minutes, practise, practise and practise is the only way to face it. In about 15 days left until October 12th, we recommend you to solve at least 5 mock MHT-CET papers in 3 hours each. It will help you improve your timing and develop a strategy of your own to answer all the questions in the paper. It is always best to finish answering the questions that you are confident about, in as less time as possible. You can attempt the difficult questions in the remaining time and write their answers as there’s no negative marking system.

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The 4-Step strategy is the most dependable technique to optimize your Engineering CET score in the remaining days until MHT-CET 2020. We strongly recommend you to incorporate it in your study routine at the soonest and score the best in order to reserve a seat in the Engineering College of your dreams.

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