Are you in the midst of weighing suitable career options after writing your 12th exams?

Do you feel confused about the right course that will provide you with financial security, job satisfaction, and excellent quality of life?

You need not worry any more. With the demand for skilled engineers multiplying in recent years, engineering in any stream is indeed your best option in 2021. In this article, we will explore why engineering is the most sought-after career option in India. To fulfil your dreams of a rewarding career, all you need to do is gain admission at one of the reputed ISO certified colleges in Thane.

Read more to know how an engineering degree can transform your life.

The Most Popular Engineering Options to Shape your Career in 2021

1.   Computer Engineering

To pursue computer engineering as a career, you need to get a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in the stream. The first step is to enrol in a top computer engineering college in Thane. Being a vast field, you will learn about the basics of computer systems, database systems, operating systems, programming, and much more. Your designation may be that of a system engineer, systems analyst, or computer programmer, to name a few options. There is immense scope for advancement in domains like database systems, mobile app development, ethical hacking, and animation.

2.   Civil Engineering

The scope of civil engineering is huge in India and abroad due to the boom in the construction industry and the need for better infrastructure. There are opportunities for pursuing higher studies in this stream with entrance exams like GATE or PGEE, or you could even acquire an MBA to add value to your degree. So, after getting admission to a reputed Civil Engineering College in Thane and attaining your degree, your life will undergo a positive change. You will qualify for lucrative openings in private and government organisations.

3.   Mechanical Engineering

This branch of engineering has tremendous potential, and we should thank mechanical engineers for the excellent innovations in automobile, aircraft, and industrial machinery today.  In recent times, new domains have emerged in this stream, like nanotechnology and robotics. There is a particularly high demand for robotics due to the use of Artificial Intelligence in a lot of equipment. Mechatronics is also on the rise and is used to design complicated engineering systems. Mechanical engineering will open the doors to jobs with high compensation packages. So, to ensure a bright engineering career, the first action to take is to get admission to one of the top ME Colleges in Thane.

4.   Chemical Engineering

As a chemical engineer, you can utilise your skills in pharmaceutical companies, the textile industry, manufacturing firms, refineries, or fields like plastics and paints. It provides opportunities to specialise in subjects like environmental engineering, biotechnology, or nanotechnology. You can also choose a conventional stream, being a part of chemical processes, fertilisers and pesticides, or plastics and polymers. With a chemical engineering degree, you will surely land a plush job with a high salary and perquisites in India or abroad.

5.   Electronics and Communication Engineering

Today, this branch of engineering is an integral part of our lives, used in our computers, televisions, smartphones, and other gadgets. With so much technological innovation happening, there is an increasing demand for qualified electronic engineers. As an electronic engineer, you can work in telecommunications, mobile communication, health care equipment manufacturing, and more. You can also be a part of the aeronautical or medical field or even the military, taking care of electronic equipment like computers. Job openings are abundant for electronic engineers today with some of the best pay packages.    

As an engineer in a stream of your choice, you can get a job in reputed firms like Microsoft, TCS, Google, Infosys, or Wipro with an impressive starting pay package of around INR 10 to 30 lakh per annum.

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