If you are about to choose a career option that will help fulfil your dreams of a lucrative job and a secure future, you must strongly consider getting a Diploma in Civil Engineering. The diploma can help you climb the success ladder easily. Being one of the oldest engineering disciplines, this course will give you practical and theoretical knowledge of construction and civil engineering concepts. You will learn about designing, constructing, and maintaining physical constructions of structures like buildings, roads, or bridges.

Further Options after a Diploma in Civil Engineering

A Diploma in civil engineering has excellent value in the construction field since you get an excellent working knowledge of construction. There are courses that you can do after your diploma to add value to your resume. Let us look at these different options you can pursue after a Diploma in Civil Engineering.

  • You can do short duration courses that will help you gain skills in specific areas. These courses, lasting six to twelve months, are designed to meet the market requirements and will be of immense value when looking for a job. These courses include lessons in Autocad, SAP, FEM, SCADA, Linear Modelling, among others.
  • After your diploma, you can also choose to get a certification in construction management, CAD/CAM, or Building Design.
  • You can do an advanced diploma course of two years, such as an Advanced Diploma in Structural Design, Construction Management, or Surveying.
  • You also can choose to pursue a degree course of four years, which will add tremendous value to your Diploma in Civil Engineering. Your diploma enables you to directly enter the second year of engineering. You can choose a stream you like from options, such as Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Geo-Informatics, or Ceramic and Cement Technology.
  • After completing your engineering, you can pursue post-graduation and even PhD. You can get a Master of Technology (M. Tech) in Building Technology and Construction Management or M. Tech in Civil Structural Design.

Job Opportunities after Diploma in Civil Engineering

Once you have received a Diploma in Civil Engineering, the door opens for excellent opportunities in private and government companies.

Opportunities in the Private Sector

You can land a good position in a construction and development company, design firm, or construction consultant company. You could also work with firms connected to construction, like contractors or building material supply firms. You can choose between working at construction sites doing different projects or work in an office on designing projects.

As you gather more experience, your salary will increase proportionately. You could get a plush job at Larsen & Toubro, Hindustan Construction Company, Gammon India, Coastal Projects Pvt. Ltd., and such other reputed firms.

Opportunities in the Public Sector

With a Diploma in Civil Engineering, you can get employed at some of the top government enterprises in India. A government job will provide stability, a steady income, and special perquisites. You will be eligible to work as an apprentice, supervisor, clerk, or technician. To be eligible for selecting government jobs in positions like a junior engineer, you will have to clear exams like PWD or SSC.

There are always openings for candidates with diploma in government organisations like NTPC Ltd., Steel Authority of India Ltd., Municipal Corporations, or Bharat Earth Movers Ltd., to name a few enterprises.

Self-employment opportunities

If your interests lean towards business, you have plenty of opportunities you could explore. Your diploma provides practical training that will come in handy for your business concept. You could start your own construction company or be a contractor who can undertake various construction projects. Several government schemes, such as Make in India, will help you raise capital for your venture. 

With a Diploma in civil engineering, you can materialise your career aspirations and live a high-quality life with your family. ARMIET, one of India’s top engineering colleges, should be your first choice to obtain your diploma. The college’s infrastructure and teaching standards are on par with the world’s top engineering institutes. The state of the art facilities, modern teaching methods, and dedicated teachers prepare students to face the challenges they may encounter at their jobs. Without a doubt, deciding to study at ARMIET will be the best step to take.

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