No wonders, you might have been doubtful all the time, whether the May schedule of JEE Mains will be postponed. But since NTA came out with the news, it’s now official. There won’t be an examination in the last week of May.

How are you dealing with the news?

For most students, the first reaction must have been disappointment. It’s real. It’s difficult to digest the fact, at least when you’ve studied at rigorous schedules, sincerely believing that there will be an exam on the said date.

But now since the fear has come true, it’s time to put even your patience to test. It won’t be a sin to think about taking a break from studies, and relaxing a bit. But there are certain things, you must be aware of.

Are you compromising the flow?

As a general reaction to the frustrating news of postponement a large number of students would give up on their study routines and wait for the NTA to announce the final date of the exam. But you should think about what you’d lose if you give up your routine.

Suppose, you relax for a couple of weeks, and the NTA announces a date in the second week of June. It won’t be as easier for you to get back to the usual schedule on the day the date is declared. You will lose yet another week just in getting back to a full-fledged routine. Very few students may handle it. But for most, it’d be simply wise to respect the limitations of your body and mind. In simple words, do not compromise your flow.

May be, you reduce the number of hours you study, but don’t forget to stick to a disciplined schedule.

Finding it difficult to focus?

Focus needs a definite motivation. It’s a different game as you count days leading to the date of the examination. But presently, since there’s no date to consider, focusing must be feeling like chomping on ‘Karele ki sabzi’ (bitter gourd) on a Sunday morning. It’s bitter. True.

All you need is to remember a few things.

  • Remember why at all you had embarked on the journey. Remember that your JEE scores determine the fulfillment of a lot of your dreams- a better life, a better reputation, aspirations, a better home, a better car, and so on. Sure, you won’t want to give up on all that just since a postponement. So, focus.
  • Remember that you want to get into a better college. You want to score a better percentile that will land you in an institute that has remarkable teachers, and a commendable peer group, stalwart companies coming in for placements, and an opportunity that can transform your life. Just focus.
  • Remember that, everyone won’t be giving up. You never know how many of your friends have given up on their study routines. You never know how many students that you don’t know in person are still staying up at night to cover a new topic. At the end, losing focus will land you in a position far behind in the competition. Isn’t that terrible? FOCUS.

Already done Studying? Practice.

If you are among those students who have covered all their syllabus, there’s quite nothing left to do. But wait. Do you really think, there would be anyone who has ever completed the entire syllabus? That’s a myth.

Even if you are done with 70 to 80 percent of your syllabus, there’s 30 to 20 percent more to go. But wait again. Studying, and studying won’t help you. Remember mock tests. Hope, you are attempting them regularly.

How regularly? In case, you have studied 80% of your syllabus, attempt a mock test daily. If you are somewhere around 50 to 60 percent. Attempt at least thrice a week, and dedicate rest of the time to studies. If you are below 50%, believe us, the postponement is in fact a boon for you. STUDY. Cover as much syllabus as possible, and attempt at least 1 mock test per week.

Why Mock Tests are Important?

Only super humans from Marvel universe remember everything that they have ever read. As long as you aren’t one of them, you tend to forget what you have studied before two months. It’s simply because, you have studied newer topics in the meantime. Mock test helps you realize that you need a little brush up with some of your topics. They help you understand your weaker points. They remind you of an important aspect – REVISION.

But that’s not all. Mock tests are wonderful for some other benefits too. They build your exam temperament. It’s never enough to have read a lot. JEE mains require you to perform in the terms of speed and accuracy. You should remember the right things at the right time, while you’re still dealing with time running out minute by minute.

Mock tests help you cope with the pressure of examination. So just attempt as many mock tests as possible. But even that isn’t where it ends. There’s no point in attempting mock tests if you’re not analyzing your performance. So, as you finish writing a mock test, don’t just look at the score. Look deeper to identify where you need to improve.

There’s also a Cheat.

Experts say, that the pandemic will slow down towards the end of May. Think. If that really happens, you might actually have to appear for JEE Mains around 15th June. That should serve you as the tentative date. Schedule your studies according to the June 15 deadline for the time being.

Never mind if there would be further postponement. After all, you have to stay positive and hope for the best.

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