Mr.Mayank Mangal

At Alamuri Ratnamala Institute of Engineering and Technology (ARMIET), both academic teaching and conduction of research play a crucial / vital role in the engineering education by acting as two foundation pillars for good engineering education. The syllabus followed at ARMIET College is as per the curriculum designed by the University of Mumbai. The feedback received from students and Faculty helps in fine tuning of the syllabus and curriculum of the University of Mumbai.

There is biometric system made mandatory for all students and attendance is monitored regularly by the Academic Monitoring Committee and 80% attendance is the minimum criterion required for taking the final examination. The student feedback form at the end of the course completion gives important insights regarding how to improve the teaching cum learning processes. The primary objective of academic teaching is to complete 100% of the syllabus prescribed by the University and to make the fundamental concepts of engineering properly understood by the students along with providing hands-on training by conducting practicals in the laboratories and supplementing with degree and mini project work.

The ARMIET academic monitoring standard has been to underline the best measures to be followed under the prevailing college atmosphere keeping in view the rules and regulations of the University of Mumbai. The proper implementation of ARMIET academic monitoring will help in developing a very conducive teaching and learning atmosphere for carrying out quality academics in the long-term. It will also help in enhancing the community and regional need based engineering education including research. In a nutshell, the primary aim of academics is to create an optimum model for smooth conduction of high quality engineering education.