Message from the Dean, R&D

Research plays one of the most important role in the engineering education at the college level of any University. Many Universities all over the world have emphasized the need for both fundamental and applied research. But it is important to promote advancement of applied research for contributing to the enhancement of existing knowledge and effective utilization of research activities for the service to society. Researchers have to develop the much needed perspective of thinking globally but at the same time not lose the sight of local, regional, and national requirements.

ARMIET Research Policy has been so designed to underline the best measures to be followed for research under the prevailing research atmosphere keeping in view the rules and regulations of the University of Mumbai. The research policy will serve as an excellent model for building its credentials in research and to improve the research standard of the college. The proper implementation of ARMIET Research policy will help in developing a very conducive atmosphere for carrying out quality research in the long run. It will also help in enhancing community and regional need based research. In a nutshell, the primary aim of research policy is to create an optimum model for smooth conduction of high quality research.