Mechanical Engineering is considered an essential discipline is known for applying engineering principles to various life walks, including design, manufacturing, analysis, maintenance, etc. A career in mechanical engineering is lucrative as it offers not just high packages but also innovation at every step.

An individual who is dedicatedly passionate about Physics and Mathematics should choose Mechanical Engineering as a career option. This discipline will help the individuals sharpen the required skills in different genres such as vehicles, designs, research, manufacturing of the equipment, etc. Not just this, this discipline also helps in honing both logical and analytical skills.

A mechanical engineer who is the right skill-sets is valued highly for the innovation skills they bring to the table regularly. If you are considering to opt Mechanical Engineering as a career option, read out some top benefits and facts about this evergreen subject. 

What is Mechanical Engineering?

It is a discipline that is a blend of maths, science, computing, and a creative mind. To pursue this course as a career option, you must understand all the physics, materials, and applied science concepts to design, analyze, modify, maintain, and manufacture mechanical systems used by companies internationally. 

This particular discipline covers a vast area, so mechanical engineers are known for building the world we live in. Right from creating the world’s smallest nanotechnology to building immense structures like cars, societies, space stations, etc., Mechanical Engineers have the ultimate power to give a required shape to any structure or machine that is kept in front of them. 

It is engineering’s oldest and most extensive branch of all other engineering fields. Though we will discuss the section of jobs later in this article later, the job prospects for Mechanical Engineers are limitless both in domestic and international companies. 

Range of Career Options

Pursuing this degree won’t just restrict you to a limited number of career options. Instead, it has a broad spectrum of engineering sectors that you can choose according to your ambitions and interests. Some of them are:

Aerospace industry 

This is where you will design the next generation of high-tech planes and rockets for the companies and even the government. There is a huge demand for mechanical engineers in the aerospace industry as it involves the designing skill-set of the machines primarily found in mechanical engineers.

  • Automotive Industry: In this industry, you will work on various projects, from constructing a  building to making Formula 1 racing cars and buses. The automobile industry’s core is its structure of vehicles, and that needs to be on point. The mechanical engineers are required to build the optimized structure and lay a strong foundation for the cars.
  • Biomedical Industry: This is where you will be required to develop high-tech and advanced medical equipment used by various medical institutes nationally and internationally. The biomedical industry is always in need of the right designers who understand the logic and analytics of making a machine.
  • Energy: In this sector, you will conduct tests and analyze results to find greener and efficient alternatives to power sources. This is where the analytical skills of the mechanical engineers come into play.
  • Government Jobs: Many mechanical engineers keep an eye on government jobs post completion of their degree. Government jobs include BARC, ISRO, PSUs, Railway, ESE, etc. State PSU also comes under the government jobs. Mainly PSUs recruit through the GATE exam, and the remaining PSUs conduct their exams. 
  • Armed Forces Jobs: This includes the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce, and some other paramilitary forces. For candidates interested in joining the forces, they must give it a shot, as armed forces are always on the mechanical engineers’ lookout. Indian forces do provide opportunities for pre-final year and final year graduates through UES (University Entry Scheme)

Advantages of Choosing Mechanical Engineering as a Career Option:

Global Reach

No country on this planet does not need mechanical engineers. Maintaining the old infrastructure and creating a new one is some of those tasks that only Mechanical Engineers can do. It means that this field of engineering gives you ample opportunities to work abroad and work with some of the world’s best countries that not just offer decent pay but also improves your overall life. 

 Pay Scale

 Many Engineering Colleges offer different courses ranging from Diploma in Mechanical Engineering to Doctorate. If you can secure a seat in some of the best engineering colleges or maintain an excellent academic record throughout your journey, you will enjoy good salaries. 

On average, the starting salary that fresher gets would range from INR 2,77,000 to Rs. 3,00,000. However, the bracket increases with an increase in inexperience. A Mechanical Engineer with 10-19 years of experience earns around INR 8,70,000 to Rs.10,00,000 in a year.

The forefront of Future Technologies

If you are entirely interested in technology, then Diploma in Mechanical Engineering could be one of the perfect options. With your skills, you could just come up with new technologies that would act as the heart of the process. The fast pace of technological development will mean that your job will remain exciting always. 

Jack and Master of All Trades

A career option is considered a little above money and position sometimes. Mechanical engineering colleges help individuals to transform themselves into multi-talented people. When individuals pursue this degree, they can develop their knowledge in multiple fields: English, Physics, Mathematics, Electricity, Structures, Computer Applications, etc. Moreover, the individuals will also create a proper and deep understanding of different engineering aspects, including economics, social, environmental, etc. You will end up mastering multiple subjects and trade altogether.

Why Armiets for Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering brings out the best from students. Pursuing Mechanical Engineering from a prestigious and renowned Engineering Institute would furnish your skills and teach all of a mechanical engineer’s attributes. 

Armies are among those Engineering Colleges that are capable of taking challenges and producing trained engineers. The department is well-equipped with all those equipment and laboratories that provide the best learning environment to all future engineers.

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