Mechanical Engineering – All About Course and Scope

About the Course –

Students who have a keen interest in design, development, installation, operation, or maintenance of just about anything that has moveable parts then mechanical engineering could be the best engineering course of study for them. The engineering course is restrained to be the most diverse amongst the other engineering courses, including major sub-branches like design, thermal, automation, production, manufacturing & industrial engineering, and energy engineering. At ARMIET college, best College in Thane students deals with Technologies like CAD, CAE, CIM, and PLM etc. have been the driving factors for evaluation of product life cycle by revolutionizing, conceptualization, design detailing analysis and manufacturing procedure while studying in mechanical engineering course.

The engineering course leads you the opportunity to design engineering solutions that help the world and accomplish your own intellectual curiosity, all while enjoying high wages and growing career opportunities.

Department of Mechanical engineering Course – The Mechanical Engineering department at ARMIET College was formed in 2008, which is one of the best engineering colleges in thane offering the best mechanical engineering course at reasonable fees. Our mechanical department is one of the best departments due to its transparency and cooperative environment. Our all experienced faculty members work at ARMIET college comes from various reputed academic organizations that are administrating the department in the right perception. Most of the staff of the department are highly skilled, disciplined, and doctorated with degrees like Ph.D. and MTech in various areas of specializations like Designing, Thermal, Automobile, Production, etc.

Students who take admission at ARMIET College feel studious and friendly environment due to our teaching methodology. The Institute follows blended learning methods, to meet the emerging technical demands of the industry which also helps to increase the professional learning capability of students of the ME course. The department not only focus on theoretical or bookish knowledge but also ensure practical knowledge should be rightly sprinkled amongst the students. Thus the faculty use various active and unique learning methodologies to make the classroom more adaptive, collaborative, and interesting.

  • Intermingled Learning
  • Collaborative/participative Learning
  • Case-based Learning
  • Design/Product based Learning
  • Problem-solving methodology

All these learning methodologies develop the self-learning capacity, application-oriented learning, problem-solving ability of students. Furthermore, Faculty more focus to imparts quality technical teaching and making their personality impressive so that all students get placed in a good organization.

Departmental Labs –

At ARMIET college the mechanical engineering department has well designed and equipped with state of art laboratory with modern machinery and equipment which fulfills the course-related requirements of the Mumbai University and also provides the students for research work. We ensure the complete safety of the students while they work or learn on the machine and equipment. All the laboratories are quite spacious, accurately ventilated, and comfortable for the better learning and performing experiments.

  • Material Science and Technology Lab
  • Mechanical Workshop lab
  • Basic mechanical engineering Lab
  • Mechatronics Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Thermal Engineering Lab
  • Production Practices Lab
  • Turbomachine Lab
  • Computer numerical control (CNC) Lab
  • Heat Transfer lab
  • Dynamics of Machine lab
  • Kinematics of Machine
  • Vibration Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics lab
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Lab

Job opportunities for students of Mechanical Engineering Course –

In today’s machine age there are huge opportunities loading for mechanical engineers. After completion of the mechanical engineering course, students can get lots of career opportunities are available in various fields of manufacturing, production, services, and development. Industries like aerospace, automotive, chemical, construction, electronics, or metal industries, and many more has a high demand for the mechanical course. Following are some career opportunity options for 4-year graduate mechanical engineering course

  • Materials Engineer
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Marine Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Acoustics engineer
  • Automotive engineer
  • Building systems engineer
  • Chief mechanical engineer
  • Cryogenics engineer
  • Design engineer – mechanical
  • Heating specialist engineer
  • Lubrication engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Mold design engineer
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Power plant engineer
  • Robotics engineer
  • Thermal power engineer
  • Tool engineer
  • Tribologist

Other than that, Various industries in India and Abroad are hiring mechanical engineers. A mechanical engineer fits in every industry. After completion of the degree, students with mechanical branch can seek for job in the public/private sector or government sector as well.

 Vision and Mission –

Vision: The department of mechanical engineering to be recognized as a modernizer for this program through a focus on core proficiencies, multi-disciplinary collaborations, and superiority quality in education.

Achieving excellence in higher education by progressively improving teaching methodology along with integration of latest technological skills is our sole goal for mechanical engineers of ARMIET.

Mission: Equip Mechanical engineers with knowledge and skills such as effective technical and communication skills, ability to work under pressure, problem – solving skills, creativity, commercial awareness, teamworking skills etc.

Embrace quality education to make students competent mechanical engineer as well as responsible citizen.

 All courses provided at ARMIET college are intended to match the needs of the industry helping students to get prepared for well-rewarding career opportunity of future. In addition to all the mandatory subjects of a traditional B. Tech and diploma, this specialized program mechanical engineering offers in-depth practical knowledge of fast-growing technological domains.

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