A vast majority of Engineering prospects look up to Bachelors in Computer Engineering as the gateway tocareersthat areindisputably ahead of time. However, the conventional specializations of the course have been substituted by the revolutionary alternatives AI and ML in the recent years. Here’s what makes the newfound domains so compelling.

If you have been a computer geek in your teens anytime in the past decade, you must have been overwhelmed by the accomplishments of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in an array of fields like manufacturing, healthcare, fashion, agriculture, real estate and voice-based technology.

Elon Musk’s research team OpenAI must have been one of your favorites, and you may not have missed the story of a robot beating the top human players in the video game Dota 2. The research team had described the achievement as a step towards building AI systems which accomplish well-defined goals in messy, complicated situations involving real humans. Isn’t that thrilling?

The computer programs company DeepMind is one of the world leaders in Artificial Intelligence research alongside prominent players like Google, Microsoft, Baidu and IBM. AI-based analytics company Manthan is considered as one of the best Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning start-ups in India. Its AI platform caters to around 170 customers in 21 countries across the world, helping them in various areas such as marketing, customer targeting, inventory, pricing and promotions. It was noted by the Indian media for developing a new AI analytics platform that answered business queries on the go.

Several other Indian AI start-ups like SigTuple, Mad Street Den and Haptik have built tremendous reputation across the world for their services, and are hot job destinations among Indian AI and ML enthusiasts. Apart from the start-ups, prominent multi-national companies like Amazon, Wipro and Accenture are known among young AI and ML graduates as employers offering the most fulfilling job roles as well as salaries.

If you are considering a career in the industry that’s growing like wild fire not only in India, but also across the entire globe, you might simply thank yourself 10 years down the line. Here’s a list of a few job roles you’d be serving if you took AI and ML as your Computer Engineering specialization.

Data Analyst

A data analyst is expected to be familiar with data retrieval and storing systems, data warehousing and data visualization using ETL tools, business intelligence concepts and Hadoop-based analytics. A strong background in mathematics, statistics, machine learning and programming is essential for candidates to become persistent and passionate data miners. Designing and developing algorithms, culling information and recognizing risk, extrapolating data using advanced computer modelling, triaging code problems, and pruning data are some of the core responsibilities of a data analyst.

Data Scientist

Coding is the critical skill required by a data scientist to be able to sift through large amounts of unstructured data to derive insights and help design future strategies. They clean, manage and structure big data from several sources with proficiency in Big Data technologies and analytical tools. The highly demanded profession requires candidates to be well versed with R, SAS, Python, SQL, Hive, MatLab, Spark and Pig.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers are assigned the responsibility of implementing applications or algorithms such as clustering, anomaly detection, classification or prediction to address business challenges. They should be able to focus on Python, Java, Scala, C++ and JavaScript and be capable of building highly scalable distributed systems and work in teams focusing on personalization. Their core job role deals with creating that algorithms that can decipher meaningful patterns from huge loads of data.

Data Engineer/Data Architect

Data Engineers are expected to have a strong foundation in programming as they are responsible for the Big Data ecosystem of an organization. However, there’s a lot to learn beyond programming to be a Data Engineer. Proficiency in Ruby, Perl, Python, R, C++, SPSS, Java, SAS and MALAB is must. Also, a candidate should be familiar with MySQL,MongoDB,NoSQL, SQL,MapReduce, Hive, Cassandra, Hadoop, and Data streaming. Highly scalable data management systems are developed, constructed, tested and maintained by Data Infrastructure Engineers.

AI and ML jobs are appealing not only for the opportunity they offer a candidate to be at the forefront of technology, but also for the salaries they promise. The Indian Data Analytics Industry is worth $2bn in the present day. But in the next five years it is expected to grow to a whopping eight-times, reaching the worth of $6bn. The promising field of employment is characterized with amazing job security along with high salaries.

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