Graduating from a chosen stream of education is just not enough to get a job these days, and if your parents have been stressing this for a long time they are doing the right thing to help you shape a commendable career for yourself. But what after your final year of Bachelor’s course?

Many students choose a course that teaches them a saleable skill to complement their graduation studies. You may have heard the stories of students pursuing management after graduation. A high number of engineering students too desire a PG degree in a reputable management course from a reputed institution. A management degree after graduation makes students eligible for reputable job positions in the corporate world.

A Career in the Corporate World…

While a government job might still be the most secure option to pursue, being in a position of authority in a corporate organization has its own perks. Corporate jobs are challenging. However, if you were careful enough while choosing the one for yourself, you might land in a job that’s immensely fulfilling in all respects.

Private employers barely care about the degrees you earn or the college from where you earn them. They mostly look for individualistic qualities like how motivated and skillful you are. To be a successful professional in the corporate world, technical knowledge of a certain field can’t solely be relied upon. As experienced professionals would put it, you have to be great managers to survive and prosper. Otherwise jobs gets frustrating and boring.

Higher studies in management has a band of advantages for students. While a graduation course prepares you for being productive as an employee, management education acquaints you with the challenges faced while running a business in the practical world. It not only improves your interpersonal skills, but also prepares you to understand the complex interrelation between relevant business topics and how to apply them in diverse economic situations.

While the right to claim higher salary packages might be the most significant aspect of being a management passout, the stream also makes you eligible for a wide variety of jobs across industries. It helps you climb up the corporate ladder faster than other candidates. It makes you a sought after professional in the real sense.

Start Preparing Early

Although it is easier to claim admission to a PG course in management for students passing out from graduation streams like BMS, students from thoroughly technical fields like Engineering also stand a great chance if they start preparing early for relevant entrance examinations. Most PG level management courses like Masters in Management Studies have the eligibility criteria of scoring efficiently in the relevant entrance tests.

ATMA, conducted yearly by the Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS), is one such entrance test that graduates from diverse educational streams can take to prove their eligibility for post-graduation studies in management. It requires candidates to focus on three core areas, namely quantitative aptitude, verbal skills and analytical reasoning. It covers mathematical topics like permutation and combination, inequality and number series, and verbal topics like English language and vocabulary, besides analytical reasoning skills.

Experts on the topic suggest that students should ideally begin preparing for management entrance tests when they are in the second or third year of their graduation course. Some colleges provide valuable guidance to students preparing for the entrance tests. They conduct programs and workshops that help students improve their soft skills like presentation and interpersonal communication.

As you prepare for entrance tests, also start looking for colleges that excel in conducting courses like Masters of Management Studies. You may connect online with MMS alumni of recognised colleges in and around Mumbai to know about their experience of learning the course at the college.

This article guiding young management aspirants about how to prepare for higher studies in management has been presented by ARMIET College, which successfully conducts Masters in Management Studies course.


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