Telecommunication has come a long way since the time telephones were gaining an acclaim among commoners. In its early days telecommunication only meant making occasional phone-calls to distant relatives, while emails were limited only to official communications. As telecommunication evolved, in the present day it is used to plan trips to London, book tickets, reserve accommodations, and also pay for the entire affair without having to rub a single cash-rupee.

It won’t be a surprise if you are overwhelmed by the phenomenal potentials of modern day electronic gadgets like smart phones and advanced computers. They have shown the world what would have only sounded like fairy tales before a few years. Social media which was initially criticized as a pastime indulgence has generated employment opportunities that can lead to fortunes which even gold-miners may not build. These wonders have been made possible by the sophisticated communication systems built by some dedicated telecommunication engineers around the world.

The Scope of Employment:

The faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication is widely sought by engineering aspirants in India. The enormous scope of employment it brings is the main

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attraction. India has been identified as the second largest mobile connections market in the world with over 980 million mobile subscribers. However, with a large population in view, mobile penetration is considerably low presenting ample growth opportunities for electronics and telecommunications engineers.

The work of electronics and telecommunication engineer involves modelling, design, manufacturing, testing and operation of systems and software APIs used for telecommunications. The market offers multifaceted job opportunities for graduates of electronics and telecommunication engineering. Their demand has been growing swiftly over the last few years. After finishing degree graduates have opportunities at core electronics companies like Siemens, LG, or Samsung. They also get eligible to be employed by communication engineering companies such as Ericsson, Bharti Airtel, or Fujitsu. They also have the option of working with computer and IT companies like Google, Infosys, or Accenture.

What do we offer?

At ARMIET Engineering College we put dedicated efforts in educating students in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication with the support of advanced technology. We aim at preparing them to face the growing challenges of industry and society by fostering a temperament for research and development activities.

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