ARMIET College, Affiliated to the University of Mumbai provides B.Tech courses to provide the student with a wide range of industry-oriented skills. In addition, the college has the university syllabus, ensure career-oriented programs to empower students with entrepreneurial and decision-making skills. Additionally, college more focused to provide an excellent academic environment to inculcating values of discipline, self-esteem, enthusiasm, and consecration to higher causes along with sportsmanship to make them better human beings. The department of Information technology of engineering at ARMIET college prepares the students in a way so that they can be ready for professional employment and progressive careers as IT Engineers. Because of the fundamental knowledge required for long-term professional development and active lifetime learning of new growths in the field. For vast knowledge of this field, the college organizes seminars and workshops for better learning. All this makes ARMIET college the best IT engineering College in Mumbai.

Scope and the Career opportunity of the course –

ARMIET IT Engineering College in Mumbai Includes engineering subjects and technologies merged with Imperative aspect of information technology like a computer network, web-based applications, control systems, artificial intelligence, Data Base Management system, embedded systems, mobile computing, information retrieval, and transmission. These and other additional relevant subjects help prepare students to think and brainstorm ways technology can be used to help people in everyday activities, put these ideas into implementation after development, and then be able to recover and uphold them.

Every sector has IT departments to accomplish the computer, networks, and other areas of their companies. Other than that IT engineering also has a scope of technical writing, computer programming, network administration, web designing, web development, technical support, and software testing.

Students graduates in IT engineering can find Jobs in various sectors like telecommunications, health care, transportation, government, business, manufacturing, banks, product development, educational institutions, IT companies or other media houses, etc.

Topic Includes in Information Technology Engineering –

ARMIET college provide the degree of Mumbai university, thus 4-year IT engineering course is by Mumbai university –

  • The first year of the course usually includes basic engineering subjects (Common for all branches) like physics, chemistry, mathematics, mechanics, electronic devices and circuits, basics of electrical engineering, basics of mechanical engineering, basics of civil engineering, and basics of computer programming.
  • In the Second Year, the Course cover to consist of subjects like computer architecture, data structures & algorithms, digital system design, display systems engineering, mathematics and principles of communication, DBMS, Microprocessors and microcontroller applications, operating systems, software engineering, telecommunication switching techniques, and telecommunication systems.
  • Third-year might have subjects like computer networks, digital signal processing, object-oriented analysis and design, software quality management, and visual programming. There can be some optional subjects to choose like component-based technology, multimedia systems, an overview of domain knowledge, software project management, TCP/IP and socket programming, and web technology.
  • Fourth and Last Year has more practical subjects than theoretical subjects which includes subject likes artificial intelligence, mobile computing, embedded systems, software agents, bioinformatics, web-based enterprise applications, wireless application protocols, parallel processing, digital image processing, electronic commerce, satellite communication, and optical communication may be taught. Other than that, some elective subjects also can be chosen by students like performance networks, network design security and management, and principles of marketing and management.

IT Engineering Department equipped with the following laboratories –

Our faculty prepare students to become a front-runner who can learn both practically and theoretically. They need to be efficient problem solvers, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, and making them competent professionals. Below are available Laboratories at AMIET, includes in the Course –

  • .Net and Networking
  • Advance JAVA and Distributed Computing
  • Advance DBMS/Operating System
  • Software Engineering
  • JAVA Programming and E-Commerce
  • Programming (C/C++, JAVA)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Technology Lab
  • Computer Graphics
  • Android Programming
  • System Programming
  • Analysis and Designing of Algorithm
  • Information and Network Security
  • Big Data Analytics

ARMIET Department Goals –

  • Our Experienced faculty nurture the students to lay their hands and feet in designing and developing the information technology-based solutions in the future.
  • With quality faculty members trained and exposed to various technological challenges, it is easy for them to share their stories and experience with students to guide them better.
  • Knowledge is not useful until it is practical and for the practice, you need infrastructure to enable your students to learn more.
  • Creating a student-friendly learning environment is a must to excel students in their learning. It also includes social awareness among them along with making stakeholders accountable for boosting.
  • Research-based learning is a must for every student which is highly encouraged by our faculty members.
  • Expose and train the faculty members in ever-changing technology arenas.
  • Provide the best infrastructure and educational resources for students to help in self-learning and practice.
  • Help in creating social awareness among the stakeholders on commitment and accountability.
  • Create a congenial environment for doing research and development in emerging and interdisciplinary fields.

AT ARMIET College, CS branch is focused on computing, microprocessors, and writing software programs, IT engineering is more focused on the usage of computers and computer software to store, process, transmit and securely retrieve data. One has to learn concepts of CSE to excel in it making him/her jack of all trades. With a bright career, IT Engineering is surely a branch to choose for your career.

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