Computer Engineering

At ARMIET college, Engineering is categorized among various categories or branches or departments such as Computer Engineering with specialization in software & hardware, Cloud and Mobile based Application, Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Civil Engineering (CE), Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) engineering etc. But Computer Engineering is the best course as compare to any other branch because of high demand in various industries and sectors where IT is booming a lot. Private/Public industries are hiring computer science graduates on high salary packages. At ARMIET college, we ensure that we have necessary infrastructure providing adequate resources, labs, and meeting spaces including hardware and software to support the activities necessary for this engineering course. Not only this, but our department and programs also operate smoothly and efficiently, with prominence on aligning our operations and activities on ground level planning to achieve our goals.

Academic Program

The department of computer science at ARMIET College in thane is well-equipped with an efficient curriculum and prominent laboratories to provide programming and cloud based technical knowledge. The computer science engineering course includes eight semesters, while the diploma in this course has a total of six semesters. The 4 years course’s skillset engenders engineering knowledge in computer software, hardware and its applications, problem analysis, and design/development of solutions, modern tool usage, ethics, communication, and much more amongst the students studying computer Science engineering from one of the top engineering colleges in Thane.

At ARMIET College, subjects included in Computer engineering course are computer architecture, processor design, operating systems, computer networks, parallel processing, embedded systems, circuit analysis, analog and digital electronics, computer graphics, cloud, web and mobile computing, software engineering, database systems, digital signal processing, virtualization, computer simulations, and games programming. Apart from this, there are also some theoretical core subjects like theory of computation, design and analysis of algorithms, data structures, numerical analysis, machine learning, information theory, programming language theory, and paradigms. Its must for every student to learn practically without that its like remembering it. For That the ARMIET College has the ideal computing lab facilities to train the students at different levels in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.Moreover, you can try new/different ways to achieve your goal/learnt knowledge. Below are available labs at ARMIET, calibrated with different tools to make you a master of what you learnt –

List of Laboratories includes in Course:

  • Software Lab
  • Computer Programming Lab
  • Computer Project Lab
  • Object Oriented and Programming Lab
  • Research Lab
  • Database Lab
  • AD and EDC Lab
  • Advance Algorithm Analysis Lab
  • Open Source Technology Lab
  • Cyber Security Lab
  • Operating System Lab
  • Network Lab
  • Microprocessor lab

Scope and Career – As the digitalization of every business and organization is in trend, the IT sector today is a booming field as compared to any other sector due to which there is a huge demand for Computer Science Engineers and programmers. Graduation in computer science has good opportunities for students in both hardware and software sector. The scope of computer science engineering is profound, and the surging demand of CS professionals encompasses various sectors including IT firms, financial services, healthcare units, automation industry, and numerous others. Though practical knowledge is a must for the graduation course and ARMIET College is actually forest this in its culture. Following are some career opportunity options for this 4-year graduate course —

  • Software Engineer
  • Developer engineer
  • Cloud engineer
  • Software Tester
  • Application Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Networking Engineers
  • Database Administrator
  • Hardware Engineers

About the ARMIET Computer Science Department – The ARIMET College department of Computer science attracts high-quality students and has impressive placement records. Education, we provide is more based on practical knowledge where Theoretical knowledge of skill-based subjects needs to be supported by practice at lab or various training programs. Practical knowledge includes experiments in laboratories, research work, study tours, projects, guest lectures, training programs, regular workshops, assignments, etc.

We create engineers prepared to accept versatile challenges and this is certainly what Department of Computer Engineering focuses on at ARMIET College. Our expert faculty cultivate engineers who are industry-ready, equipped with knowledge of the latest technologies and are adaptative enough to take-on real-time challenges.

Departmental Goals –

  • Embrace technical knowledge and computing skills to make computer science graduates a world class professional
  • Embrace their logical thinking, problem solving ability and competitiveness to create a creamy layer required by world’s top companies
  • Motivate higher education, entrepreneurship, research-oriented education is one of the top departmental goals.
  • Make them future ready by teaching them latest trends and technologies
  • Organizing various national and international programs for better exposure of students.
  • With appropriate female proportion in both student and faculty body, diversity is embraced.
  • Educating students about sense of community, pride and common purpose within and between students, faculty or any society.

At ARMIET, all programs (Courses) are designed to match the needs of the industry helping students to get prepared for well-rewarding jobs of future.In addition to all the mandatory subjects of a traditional B. Tech and diploma, this specialized program CSE offers in-depth practical knowledge of fast-growing technological domains.Our Expert faculty focuses on cutting edge technologies in the field like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Mobile Application Development and Information Security. Fusion of academics with dynamic and knowledgeable professors creates challenging classroom experience making the college atmosphere vibrant. 

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