In the New Year 2021 as you make steadfast resolutions to scale newer heights of success, don’t forget to set the goal to study at an Engineering College that cares not only about your performance in academics, but also about your preparedness to serve the job role of your dreams. For a fruitful and happening Engineering career, you need the mentorship of the best Engineering teachers alongside educational infrastructure that gives you insight into every intricate aspect of Engineering education.

While choosing your Engineering college in 2021, make it a point to double check the following availabilities that are crucial in transforming you into a desirable fresher in the dynamic world of Engineering jobs.

Accreditations & Affiliations

A well accredited Engineering College is simply obliged to provide you the best quality of education. Check out how frequently the Engineering College you have shortlisted is accredited by reputed bodies like National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and National Board of Accreditation (NBA). These are some of the premiere agencies in India keeping a tab on the performance and well-preparedness of educational institutes to provide competent learning facilities. Also check whether the college is affiliated to a reputable university. Many of the best Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra are affiliated to the University of Mumbai.

Availability of Specializations

The availability of specializations at an Engineering College reflects on how equipped the college is to cater to diverse learning streams. A well-conducted Engineering College always offers a balanced mix of core Engineering streams like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and EXTC Engineering, along with advanced streams like Computer Engineering and Information Technology Engineering. Few Engineering Colleges in Mumbai are equipped to conduct BE in happening streams like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Alamuri Ratnamala Institute of Engineering and Technology is one such college, and is justly recognized as the most promising Engineering College of Western India.

Expertise of Faculty Members

Grooming of Engineering Students depends greatly on the expertise and talent of faculty members. Prefer an Engineering College that employs faculty members coming from immensely reputed institutions like IITs and NITs. If possible, check out how actively the faculty members of the Engineering College you have shortlisted, engage in academic research published by leading journals. The faculty members must be experienced in order to help students overcome difficulties in studies, and also to guide them in learning from current affairs. They should be able to get into the shoes of mentors, rather than being mere teachers.

Quality of Learning Infrastructure

Learning the complicated concepts in Engineering syllabi becomes easy with modern availabilities like interactive classrooms. Check out when the Engineering College you shortlisted last upgraded its classrooms to accommodate modern technology. A competent Engineering College maintains its laboratories in state-of-the-art condition so that practical learning continues smoothly alongside classroom learning. Look out for the number of books stocked in the college library and the research journals subscribed, as they are great sources of project ideas. Also remember to review the availability of computers and connectivity.

Extracurricular Training Facility

A good Engineering College doesn’t stop at providing for the best curricular learning facilities. It also cares about grooming its student in professional skills that are absolutely life-saving in the present day. Leading Engineering Colleges mention about their training activities on their websites. The programs focus on several aspects like personality development, communication skills training and mock placement drives. To widen the scope of learning, students are periodically taken out for industrial visits. They are also introduced to internship opportunities through which they can start building their professional portfolio early.

Placements Track Record

Placements are very crucial to the reputation of an Engineering College. They simply reflect on how the college fares on grooming its students on par with contemporary industry standards. It saves deserving students of the struggle of finding their first job after finishing studies. A great Engineering College maintains cordial relationships with companies that offer worthy employment opportunities. It frequently organizes placement drives for students from all the Engineering streams it offers. Engineering Colleges with a well-maintained placement track record post about their annual success on their social media handles. You can simply find links to the handles on the college websites.

Life at the Campus

Engineering education should not translate to a dull life at campus. All you need is an Engineering College that cares enough to provide its students with ample fun engagements. An annual fest is a common affair. Check out if the college website has a gallery of the events it organizes for students. You may also love the sports amenities present on the campus. Few Engineering Colleges like ARMIET have unique traditions of cultural events. Every year it organizes Mathru Devo Bhava, a one-day celebration that commemorates the role of a mother in a person’s life. The event is attended every year by distinguished celebrities and personalities of national significance.

Engineering education isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you have opted for it, you know that you have strong determination and commitment towards uncompromised hard work. As an Engineering aspirant who has sat through sleepless nights preparing for the board exams and entrance tests, you rightfully deserve a seat at an Engineering College that does justice to your career aspirations. Take your time and arrive at the best decision before finalizing your Engineering College.

This article about choosing the right Engineering College is presented by Alamuri Ratnamala Institute of Engineering and Technology.

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