A strong high-tech university emphasises good teaching, is known for its successful faculty and also conducts major engineering study.

One of the toughest decisions in your academic career is to choose a college. In order to achieve your engineering career goals, you will need to evaluate what sort of degree you will need, and whether the institution you consider satisfies your individual needs.

At the end of the day, you can choose the venue, the place and the prestige of the school. First founded in 2008 by Koti Vidya Charitable Trust, ARMIET College began its journey by setting itself up as the best engineering college in Thane with four branches of Bachelors of Engineering. ARMIET has been awarded with the Best Engineering College in Thane District among all engineering colleges. The 2019 Most promising Engineering College is like a pole star in sky  and helped us to build up as the premier institution of western India. It is also best in engineering colleges in the region of Kalyan, Bhiwandi, Shahpur and Murbad, not only with an ISO-certified certificate in Thane.

Listed among Thane’s best college of engineering

ARMIET is an ISO certified, listed amongst Thane’s best engineering colleges and has been praised for its technology, infrastructure, faculty, research and development time and time again. The programme curriculum was developed to meet business requirements and rapidly evolving needs.

The school has the best facilities like unique domain laboratories. The purpose of ARMIET is to expose design/developments and engineering initiatives to their values and practises. Our contribution to university excellence, our emphasis on education, science and holistic education and the benefits of living in Maharashtra, provide us with exceptional job prospects.

Goal of ARMIET’s

There are few colleges present in Thane that provides education in different sectors apart from computer science and mechanical engineering. ARMIET is a university in the best civil engineering college in Thane with these courses.

ARMIET’s goal is to provide all disciples with world-class education and science. The Department has an extensive background of recent technology in a united team of seasoned faculty members. It also offers an atmosphere in which education, training and study are helpful, welcoming, and challenging. In terms of industrial internships, minor projects and major projects for our students we deliver various enticing experiences.

A variety of clubs and study groups is appreciated by the department. These clubs provide students with more chances to develop their experiences in their areas of interest and network with their peers. A regular group of researchers organises meetings and conferences to discuss subjects and findings of current research.

ARMIET’s Vision

The eco-friendly framework for quality education and research in the fields of computer science and engineering can thus produce expertise and professional staff with imagination and innovation skills for problem-solve, leadership quality, ethical responsibility and social consciousness.

What we offer to our Students?

  • To provide vocational education in multiple facets through modern pedagogical tools to address the current needs of the profession and community.
  • Enabling engineering students to innovate, be knowledgeable in problem-solving, and be leaders with a strong moral and ethical obligation.
  • Developing and strengthening an exchange programme between the industry and institutes to facilitate the internship, study and consultation of innovative technology and real life ventures, in order to promote entrepreneurship skills.
  • To create a favourable climate for students and teachers to encourage lifelong learning labels and to become leading players in the competitive world.

What does a civil engineering degree mean to you?

With the best Engineering college in Thane you will discover how civil technology engineers shape, build, preserve and extend communities if you pursue a degree in civil engineering. Civic engineers plan, build and manage the entire process – whether it’s a bridge, a satellite space, a dam, a road or a tunnel, from design to assessment.

History to all the big systems around us – homes, transportation networks, energy and water sources – civil engineering graduates are the brains and so they have a high importance within society. The profession has been experienced by a shortage of eligible graduates in recent years, which means that graduates are now more famous than ever before.

What is your significance for a degree in civil engineering?

Well If you want to know the mechanism behind a bridge, a satellite field, a dam, a road or a tunnel, Civic engineers plan, build and manage the whole process from the design to the evaluation this field is for you.

The past of all the major structures around us – houses, transportation systems, energy and water supplies – civil engineering graduates are the brains. In recent years the profession has faced a shortage of qualifying candidates, which means that graduates are now more recognised than ever.

  • The department’s objective is to generate high-quality technical staff that business, R&D and academic institutions need.
  • The department also strives to increase the students’ skills and to make them trustworthy, ready to face the whole world outside.

AT ARMIET, you are in a position of being able to expand

  • You will become a lively, colourful, inquisitive and knowledgeable who aims at performance.
  • You are learning enriching life skills.
  • Your communication, technological and academic skills are improved.
  • You are going to build a holistic view of life.
  • You will have the ability to show your skills in real terms.
  • Environment through the resolution of true, challenging industrial and societal problems.
  • A forum for showcasing your skills at home and around the world will be given.
  • Level by attending conferences and tournaments.
  • Your personality will be improved positively and creatively.
  • You are going to achieve leadership.

Many MNCs choose this approach from the point of view of opportunity when they are coming on campus. You are the one that goes on this field if you are a critical thinker with fast learning and analysis skills. We reinforce our main concepts of computing in our graduate, post-graduate and doctoral students through quality research and highly qualified teachers.

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