You are not serious enough about your engineering career until the ambitions of scoring tremendously in your JEE Main is not giving you sleepless nights. However losing sleep over the ambition won’t do you as good as preparing well would.

Cracking the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is an engineering aspirant’s gateway to reputable Engineering education. It can enable you to enrol for an undergraduate Engineering, Architecture or Planning program offered by one of the 31 NITs, 25 IIITs, or 28 other government-funded Technical Institutes. It also makes you eligible to appear for the JEE Advanced test, cracking which can earn you a seat at one of those 23 IITs out there.

Passing out from one of these reputed institutions can mean an instant onset of a highly profitable career. But you know that JEE Mains is also dreaded as one of the toughest-to-crack examinations in the nation. So the preparations deserve to be one of the most adventurous too.

So, while the first attempt of JEE 2020 is just a month and a half away, let’s plan an adventurous preparations in a way that turns out to be more fruitful than frustrating.

Be More Attentive:

Be it a lecture at your college or your coaching class, there’s no point in wasting that valuable time over petty nuisances. As you pay keen attention to what your teacher is trying to explain in the classroom, you’re not only doing yourself a favour, but also contributing towards creating an atmosphere conducive to learning.

Take running notes like a sincere student and try to have as many doubts as possible. Bothering your teacher for helping you properly understand a topic in your JEE Main syllabus won’t annoy them. In fact, it will help you build a great rapport with them.

Set a Self-Study Routine:

Don’t wait until your teacher gives you a homework to finish. Aspiring to become an Engineer, you’re not a child anymore. Don’t wait until someone prompts you to study by yourself. A self-study routine is a great way of committing yourself to learning. If you haven’t recognised its importance while you prepared for your 10th board exams, failing at it while preparing for JEE Main will cause you irrecoverable losses.

A religiously followed study-plan will boost your confidence over the period until the examination day. You won’t have to panic in the last moments. Stick to your study plan and don’t miss a day’s study, no matter what in life tries to distract you. 

Follow The Syllabus & Paper Pattern:

While your 12th board syllabus will serve as the base of your JEE Main preparations, you have to remember that the examination will include topics that are not covered in some of the most recognised 12th board syllabi. The JEE Main 2020 Syllabus includes topics that are more advanced in nature and intensively concept-oriented. You have to incorporate them in your preparation strategy.

Obtain as many JEE Main question papers from the previous years as possible and keep solving them. The exercise will not only acquaint you with the paper pattern, but also will improve your speed at finishing in time. It will also help you stay safe of negative marking.   

Choose Your Course-books wisely:

While most of you would choose to rely on the sets of notes provided by your coaching classes, you can’t overlook the fact that there’s more to JEE Main than what’s covered in them. Choosing right course books or reference books will always give you an edge over your competitors. You can get the help of resourceful people like your teachers and college librarian at finding books that will make your JEE Main preparation more well-rounded.

Be cautious about the course books you choose as some of them might tend to miss out the important updates from recent times. Go for the latest editions of books to be sure that you’re preparing a topics most appropriately.

Don’t Forget Your Teachers:

Preparing for JEE Main requires conceptual learning. Rote learning doesn’t produce results. As you attempt comprehending complex topics genuinely, you’ll be faced with numerous doubt’s that can’t be solved without the guidance of an expert. You may not be able to reach out to professionals who practically apply the concepts in your syllabus in their work on a daily basis. You still have your teachers thankfully.

As you take your doubts to your teachers, you might just end up learning more than what you had expected. Some doubts you encounter may introduce you to topics that were untouched yet. Your teachers are sources of all-round knowledge earned through years of academic exposure.

Make Study-Buddies:

While a competitive exam like JEE Main might prompt you to see your classmates as your competitors, you just can’t overlook the ample perks of a healthy competition. Group studies is a great way of preparing for an exam with utmost efficiency. It’s like being a part of a community that’s united in seeking a common goal, and hence, keeps motivating each of the members.

Making friends over JEE Main preparations will save you the efforts of studying alone. You’ll have people with whom you can discuss the concerns that your family members or other friends won’t understand. Study-buddies may help you come across doubts that you may have missed otherwise.

Get Help Online:

Incorporating the internet in your studies means getting access to the most recent developments related to a specific topic that you are trying to absorb. If you feel like getting online to prepare for your JEE Main is a bit too much, at least when you have a pile of notes to finish, you got to remember that the preparation is going to help you even after the examination, during your higher studies, and in career too.

The internet will introduce you to immensely dependable study materials like research papers and professional journals. They might feel a bit complicated to understand in the beginning. But if you resolve to comprehend them with the help of your teachers, be sure that you are getting the best.

At the end of it, don’t forget to chill. It’s understandable that scoring the best in JEE Mains is crucial to a great Engineering career, but there’s no in point keeping lofty expectations. At a point, you might just start feeling buried under the weight of your expectations. The resulting anxiety will make it difficult for you to focus. Try giving yourself enjoyable breaks from time to time. Watch a movie, meet friends, be surrounded by family, and give the examination your best shot.

This article about preparing for JEE Mains with optimum efficiency is presented by ARMIET College of Engineering.

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