To fulfill the aspiration of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Graduate who want to lead the Electronic & Telecommunication industry and thereby our nation towards the social developments and prosperity


To provide a solid foundation in basic science and mathematics for in depth knowledge of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering field maintaining high academic excellence research aptitude and entrepreneurship qualities for all students aspiring a global challenges for maintaining high ethical and moral standards

List of Laboratories:

S.No Name of the Laboratory
1. Analog and Digital Lab
2. Control and Instrumentation Lab
3. Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab
4. Simulation Software lab
5. Communication Lab
6. Microprocessor and microcontroller Lab
7. RFCD Lab
8. Printed Circuit Board Lab
9. Antenna Lab
10. Radar and Television Lab
11. Microwave Lab
12. Signal Processing Lab
13. Optical Fiber Communication Lab
14. Network Security Lab

Laboratories Snapshot: