Mechatronics Engineering

A fresh start is journey that requires a plan to make it a success. At ARMIET, we are starting a new course named Mechatronics Engineering. Mechatronics Engineering is the multidisciplinary course combining multiple disciplines – electrical, computer, and mechanical into a single discipline to develop advanced autonomous systems. It’s a skillset that combines fundamentals of mechanics, electronics, and computing to create simple and smart automated systems. With manufacturing and automation industry expecting a boom is near future, Mechatronics is an essential foundation for this industry. It is synchronous buzzword with robotics and electromechanical engineering.

Scope of Mechatronics Engineering

Engineering is always a field in demand. Engineering professional has established themselves in each and every field and excelled towards excellence. In current scenario, Mechatronics Engineering has immense scope in various industrial applications. The biggest advantage of this is course is, it provides opportunities in all electrical, computer, and mechanical. Graduates can choose based on their interest which field they want to adopt. Following are few applications of this discipline

  • Automation in vehicular and transportation systems
  • Telecommunication
  • Health/medical systems
  • Manufacturing and power industry
  • Various Home appliances
  • Consumer and its aided systems

Career prospect for Mechatronics Engineers

With immense opportunities in electrical, computer, and mechanical industries, Mechatronics Engineers are going to be in high demand in near future. They are going to be pillars of design, implement and operations of Internet of things. With opportunities available in both government and private sector, they can opt their career in

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Automation industry
  • Aerospace
  • Computer industry
  • Energy, oil and gas industry
  • Defense sector
  • Health care system

What you need

Every student has a specific skill set which differentiate him/her from others. Few can excel in one field and few in others depending on their own capabilities. At ARMIET, we don’t differentiate based on such qualities because we train our students in a way that they are guaranteed to achieve excellence in their fields. Our expert, experienced and qualified faculties design such a curriculum that strengthens core fundamentals to builds knowledge and thinking capability for tomorrow. However, qualities like quick learning, hard-working, excellent analytical abilities, research-oriented approach and innovation helps them to excel faster and achieve goals quickly.

Tasks of Mechatronics Engineers

Mechatronics Engineers are going to perform task depending on the industry they pursue their career. Some may design, develop and maintain highly efficient technology-based automation systems to save human efforts. Some may design equipment’s in health care to strength our health system providing accurate and simplified results to doctors. Some may work in manufacturing industry to design highly efficient and scalable machines to carry our work of thousands of laborers. They may design marine and defense systems to help nation build their own system instead of importing from other nations and thus saving a lot of money. In short, they will be valued in every sector.

On Campus Activities

  • Research works/projects on emerging trendsof Industry
  • Seminars/guest lectures of various trending topics
  • Participation at various level of competition to provide healthy learning environment
  • Games, Quizzes, Mock Interviews etc. to prepare students for future.
  • Special Value-Added Program for campus recruitment
  • Skill Development Program with industry specialist
  • Numerous workshops for leverage students with practical experience
  • Overall Personality Development Program

ARMIETis offering this unique course to multiple students who often get confused while opting for a branch. With match and mix of all fundamentals, we have created this course after analyzing and consulting industry experts the need of hour. With this course, you will jack of all trades suitable for every industry.