Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineering

ARMIET College in Shahapur near Asangaon is known for introducing latest and trending courses in their curriculum. Approved by AICTE and NBA accredited, these courses have everything that is need of hour and is as per industrial standards. With industries focusing on data these days, Artificial intelligence and machine learning courses have gained momentum across the globe. Keeping our promise of starting advanced technical and trendy courses, we have started artificial intelligence engineering and machine learning engineering at ARMIET college, Shahpur.


Artificial Intelligence Engineering is a professional, unique and the latest technological stack that is been one of the hot skills needed in working professionals.In the field of education that preparestudents with overall experiences and advance technical acquaintance, it has to be adapted as part of curriculum. Various technologiesare playing their part in different sectors to automate everything in today’s worldto make our life Hussle free. The purposes of AIand machine learning such as learning, intellectual, observation and machines are all wired using a cross-disciplinary method that is based on antiemetics, computer science, morphology, psychology, and more.

Basically, Artificial intelligence is also recognized as machine intelligence in computer science which is demonstrated by the machine in opposite to the natural intelligence exposed by a human being. Through the course, focus is always on innovation by providing in depth knowledge of machines and resolve problems which in turn enhances thought processes process of students to excel in their career.

POSITION:  HOD, Assistant Professor
AREA OF INTEREST : Image Processing, Parallelism & Artificial Intelligence.


Prof. Mayank Mangal received M.Tech Degree from Computer Science & Egineering Department with Software Engineering Specialization, NIT Rourkela and B.Tech degree from Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. He has authored many papers in International and National journals in the area of Parallelism, Data Mining, Image Processing, Android etc. Nowadays his main research interest is Image Processing, Parallelism & Artificial Intelligence.

It gives me pride and pleasure to introduce the Department of Information Technology and its website and I hope you will enjoy exploring our contributions in such areas as Networking & IT Security, Image Processing, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Graph Theory, Bioinformatics, Digital System Design, Mobile Computing, Android Mobile Application Development. The Department of Information Technology was founded in 2008. It offers bachelor degrees in Information Technology. All the academic programs are periodically reviewed and updated to incorporate the latest trends in information technology driven society.

We are proud of our strong academic programs, which are based on theoretical and practical knowledge and match well with the requirements and demands of the industry. We are committed to students by offering short term courses and pre placement training classes that foster critical and analytical thinking and build the necessary skills to succeed in the industry. Sitting squarely in an Engineering Faculty, the Department of Information Technology is focused on devising innovative, correct solutions to hard problems, whilst ensuring that the solutions execute optimally with the aspiration to create patents. We regularly conduct entrepreneurship development programs which aim to train the engineering graduates in the essentials of conceiving, planning, initiating and launching an economic activity or an enterprise successfully.

I invite you to explore our website and get more information about our distinguished academic programs, state of the art facilities, and dedicated faculty members. It will give you our clear intention and commitment towards excellence and quality. Thanks to the efforts of our researchers, teachers, and our students too, we persevere to play a primary role in our discipline, both nationally and internationally.

Course Highlights –

  • AI and machine learning both engineering courses duration will be 4 years.
  • ARIMET college uses student centric learning approach by expert faculties.
  • Seminars/ conferences/ workshops/ industrial visit/ guest lectures will be the (Industry attachments) part of the course.
  • All lectures and trainers are industry experts & academia
  • Enabler for designing intelligent solution across various domain and business application
  • Ample hands on experience with various AI tools and technologies to enhance machine learning concepts, reasoning and component knowledge
  • Research oriented project-based approach of actual problems


Scope of Artificial Intelligence Engineering–The modern AI course includes creation of an intelligent machine, with software, analytics and visualization driven by technologies. The AI technology has confirmed its Extraordinary growth, since its inception due to high demand and unexpected results. The future of Artificial intelligence and machine learning is very bright and itsvery demanding as it’s used in different areas such as Healthcare, Automotive industry, Finance, Governance, Military, Hospitality sector, IT sector, Gaming industry, Cybersecurity etc.

Both Technology artificial intelligence and machine learning aim to make system proficient with human- like decision making and actions. Machine learning approaches used to combine algorithms with experiences in autonomous devices, like robots. This powerful combination is altogether opening the doors of a new world with a very wide prospect of automation possibilities.

Career opportunity– Machine learning and artificial intelligence is an emerging field that grants flexible opportunities in various sector. Some of the prospects are mentioned below:

  • AI data analysis and data science
  • Machine learning Application and programming in manufacturing industry
  • Big data and intelligence engineer
  • Industrial automation
  • Data scientist artificial
  • Modeling and simulation of advanced automation system
  • Virtual reality in real-estate sector
  • Research scientist


Application of AI