Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart & Processes



Name and Extent of involvement of faculty and students in academic affairs/improvements
We have planned and formed some committees including students and faculty as head of the committee.

1) Student Welfare Committee – Combination of Student representatives and Staff to take care of Bus transportation, library books, canteen facility, cultural and sports activities.

2) Student Placement Committee – Helps in placing students for summer training and vocational training.

Mechanism / Norms & Procedure for democratic / good Governance.
As per the guidelines of Koti Vidya Charitable Trust, University of Mumbai, DTE and AICTE from time to time
Student feedback on Institutional Governance / Faculty performance
We take students feedback during each semester and inform the faculty members for improving their performance.
Grievance redressal mechanism for faculty , staff and students.
Grievance redressal mechanism for faculty ,staff and students is as per University of Mumbai guidelines and Koti Vidya Charitable Trust regulations.



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