Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Status
1 Mr. Prathmesh Patil HOD Civil Chairman
2 Mr. Yogesh Shivarkar HOD Mechanical Teaching Staff
3 Mrs. Urmila Nikam Lab Assistant Non Teaching  Staff
4 Mr. Samadhan Ragade Workshop Instructor Non Teaching Staff
5 Mr. Sanjay Patil Parents Member
6 Mr. Vijay Vishvkarma Student Representative TYD (Civil) Student Member

The Students Grievance Redressal Cell functions are:

  • The institute has fixed suggestions/Complaints box at prominent location in the campus.
  • Students can drop their grievances into suggestions/Complaints box.
  • Take cognizance of the request made by students about the various facilities and personal grievances and implement solutions.
  • Resolving any conflicts among the students and maintain a conductive environment.
  • Coordinating counseling sessions to newly admitted students to deal with stress and other problems faced
  • Monitoring Students activities to prevent untoward incidents.
  • Identifying Irregular and Disobedient students and providing counselling sessions to them to be punctual.
  • Dealing with any other incidences involving students and report it to the Principal.