Latest Technology and Methods


Content Hub
Professors save valuable classtime wasted in drawing a complicated diagram, and focus more on explaining it. What is more is that the same diagram in successive classes during revision and snapshots.Relevant Resource libraryOur Course Design Team of Professors is constantly working for enriching the resource library, topic by topic, with Images, Video Clips, Audio, PPTs. The Resource Library also contains Audio Visual lectures based on the AICTE curriculum.
Cloud Library
Our Course Design Team of Professors also made the simplest possible gateway for the teachers to get quality content “on-demand” on almost any topic on earth. The Professor conducting class on Smart Board in Digital Classroom can choose from the massive amount of world-class images and videos available from NPTEL, IITs, NASA, MIT, Yale or KhanAcademy, and other rich content providers.
3D Content
Additionally to image and video resources on Smart Boards there is database of 3D models. The models can be viewed zoomed and rotated on Board and easily be searched and picked up from the library. Different from plane images these 3D models give the students a much better understanding of the subject than most of the images available.
Multi-Touch From Ground Up
The Smart Board are equipped with technology for Imagine zooming and rotating an image with a flick of fingers, rather than searching and trying to clutch that corner bubble hidden somewhere.
The enormous possibilities with a natural interface in creating amazing content for the clearing the concepts and doubts of the students at the flick of the images, models and prototypes.
Internal Internet Browser
Professors can show information from websites without leaving the lecture. They just open the Internet Browser Tool and start browsing the web. They can also annotate and capture the
content of the website. Or copy text directly from the Browser window on the board.
Desktop Mode
Professors can use any other application on your computer without missing the whiteboard. Additionally they can use Ink-Anywhere and our handwriting recognition tools in the Smart Board, fill excels cells with numbers or make quickly a simple diagram on top of word document and post it directly as image between the text.
Presentation Tools
The focus of students can be guided with powerful presentation tools of Smart Boards . For example use multiple screen curtains to unveil a pro-contra list or the spotlight tool to explain specific parts of a diagram or an image.